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In 2021 we have a number of areas we want to focus our attention and energies are these things develop and take shape. There are ideas and aspiration we feel have a divine spark with in them. What ever we are able to do in the natural we know God will do exceeding more than we could hope or imagine. 


Church Online Congregation 

As we move towards resuming our weekly services over the next few months we are also going to continue to develop our online ministry and look to establish an online congregation. We are looking to develop an online only service & other content & resource to connect with our online community.  

Develop facilities 

As we reopen our building and resume ministries we want to make some investment in 2 key areas of the building. Renovating the toilets & an making some repairs to the roof. We are in the process of applying for funding to cover these cost so that we can do it to the best possible standard.  


Community Initiatives

We have been able to make a huge difference in the lives of a number of families during 2020. Going forward we want to continue to respond and be ready to show in practical way the love of God through projects like our Back To School campaign providing school uniforms, our food bank & the other practical help we have given to people in the community. 

Youth & Children’s worker 

This year we want to develop our ministry team and employ a youth & childrens worker. Someone to help develop & innovate our youth & family ministry supporting the amazing work down by all out volunteers and taking opportunities to connect into new areas  


Two really new ideas that we have been developing will become longer term strategies to help us  strengthen our groups & teams and allow us to grow them in to the future. 


Partnership Program 

We have seem just what an impact the generosity can make for individuals and our community. Our partnership program is place where people who have a passion for generosity & the connection & resource to inspire others can invest into key our projects helping to finance them. This will be a small group of people that we will invite & and invest in to  make sure we can always meet out mission goals, connecting people together, serving every generations, building strong families & engaging young people. 

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Leadership Development 

For Sarah & I having been involved in  leadership from a young age we realise the impartance of investment & leadership development. Leadership LAB is an intentional program to identify and encourage people with leadership potential.