What we have seen in the last 21/2 years

Since becoming senior leaders in 2020 the world has changed and the church has changed but God's PURPOSE has remained the same.  We have seen new people join the church, new small groups started, new ministry has begun, there have been salvations, baptisms, we have new staff and leaders throughout the church.



7 people BAPTISED

  • 3 child dedications

  • 40 new people attending church in person

  • 5 new people REGULARLY join online

  • We launched 3 new small groups

  • 4 CAP life skills COURSES completed

  • Begun a school uniform bank - Giving away uniform and stationary to more than 50 families

  • Started a monthly prayer meeting

  • We have seen God heal, provide for needs and open doors of OPPORTUNITY.

  • through your GENEROSITY we RECEIVED £20,000 in vision oferring in 2020 and 2021

We have also DEVELOPED a number of new leaders in our preaching and service leading team, employed a youth and chilIdren's worker who is growing  teams, Restarted our weekly programs; seeing around 100 people a week across Movers and shakers, toddlers, kids zone and youth.

Vibe Church Vision



1 TIMOTHY 6:17

The Focus of our vision offering in 2022 is setting the foundations for re-launching and church planting in 2023

Vision Offering  (Website).png

Building A Better Future

This is a value that causes us to trust God as we seek to be his hands and feet in Downley and beyond. To follow the leading of his voice as we out work the vision and purpose he has given us.

The main focus of our vision offering this year is setting foundation and sowing seeds for the future. We are laying foundations to see the kingdom of God established in the lives of people for generations to come.


Let's begin to imagine what God can do in the next few years with the seeds we sow right now. As we begin to raise leaders and plant churches we are believing for people to come to faith in Jesus - It is now a known statistic that the best way to bring people to faith for the first time is to plant churches.


How amazing would it be to see the things we read of in book of Acts happening in our life time! To see miracles, signs and wonders follow the preaching of the word. To see whole communities towns and cities transformed as they hear the message of Jesus and encounter the Holy Spirit.


We are all here today because of the faith of those who have come before us, those who gave sacrificially, invited us to church and prayed for us. As we come to our vision offering this year let's pray that many more people will come to faith, many churches be planted, leaders trained and people sent to see the kingdom of God established and show people good living and a living God.


Throughout history great moves of God have begun through prayer and by faith. The bible show us that when we are filled with the spirit of God it always leads us to action. Nothing moves the heart of God like an act of faith.

A new CIO

A foundation for the future

The new CIO will provide a firm and secure governance foundation for planting churches, raising leaders and reaching people with the life changing message of Jesus both now and in the future.

Ready For Multiplication

Preparing the ground

As we move from The Pastures Church charity trust to the Vibe Church CIO, the ground is being prepared for a fresh leadership pipeline for raising and training leaders for all areas of life and ministry

Planting churches will be a life long mission. Raising and releasing leaders that will, in turn, raise and release new leaders in nations across Europe. We are currently developing key strategic partnerships with missions and church planting organisation to ensure the heath and sustainability of Vibe Church plants for years to come.

Worship& Creative

Songs that reflect the heart of the church & bless the heart of GOD

One of our values is 'inspiring others to do the same'. Our lead PS Ant & Sarah both grew up in churches with a strong worship culture and have spent many years in ministry leading worship and writing songs for the local church.


Our creative team have a strong heart for worship and a passion to serve the local church, so as we launch Vibe Church we want to place a high value on creating and resourcing others as we experience God working in our lives.


With this in mind we want to develop our skill sets and expand our gifting to write and release worship songs that will bess and equip others to worship.


This song has been used in our church anytime videos. It is a declaration song of the goodness and greatness of God.




A song was written by Ant & Sarah in 2014 when they were going through their journey with Aimee's diagnosis of RETT syndrome. It is an honest prayerful song of the faithfulness of God in all seasons.



Written in 2021, coming out of the covid pandemic, a song to define the place of Jesus in our lives.



Inspired by a preaching series shared in church called 'King Jesus', it seeks to explore the power of Jesus' character revealed in  His many names in scripture.

Church Planting

Our strategy is taking shape as we learn more and more but right now here is the beginning of what we are looking to do

Build Community

In terms of building and growing church in Europe it will require a unique process for each nation. But what we know, which is the same across many places, is the desire for something authentic, build around relationship & community.


The basis of our church planting strategy will be based on small groups and effective discipleship.


Develop Leaders

A key part of healthy church is leadership development. We are committed to develop leader for all areas of life  but with a specific focus on helping leaders grow who carry our vision, mission and values.

Plan Gatherings

Planning is going to be key to make sure we plant healthy and sustainable Vibe Churches in the UK and Europe. This means that the types of services and ministry we are familiar with will take time to share and develop as the church plant takes root. It will also require a process of creating the right expression for each location and community that has the right 'vibe' for us as a church and also the community we reaching.


Once our leaders and location have been identified we are looking at an 18 month - 2 year process before we can fully launch a new location. We are in the process of defining what our 'critical mass' should be; eg A location leader(s), 30 people and 3 small groups

Church Planting Partnerships

We have been exploring a number of key partnership for learning, DEVELOPMENT and growth.  Our intention is that with the help of these key partners, we can be effective in  identifying and raising leaders, training and DEVELOPING teams and planting churches that are sustainable, healthy and thriving.

AOG GB Church Planting

AoG GB have been working on systems for training and funding that we have easy and ready access too. We have already had some great conversations with the church planting team and know that they are with us in this exciting vision.


GEM ( Greater European Mission)

Some initial conversations have taken place with GEM about the possibilities of establishing an on going parnership with them. They have a vast experience identifying, training and supporting church planting in the UK and Europe. We have been talking with them about how their experience and expertise could help us create a repeatable process for church planting.

DCPI (Dynamic Church Planting International)

Leadership develoment is key for any healthy and growing church. The DCPI offer a range of leadership and church training courses to help us as we plant and as we establish and grow each new location. Their training resources come in a range of languages which make the  accessibility and application of the training much wider.

Total Trust In GOd

Matthew 14:22-33

As we start to pray about our vision offering for this year I found myself asking God is this the right time to be asking people to give? Looking at all of the turbulent situations happening around us; the war in Ukraine, the cost of living crisis, the general sense of anxiety and worry that people have about the day to day.


God reminded me of our first value and of the story in Matt 14 where Peter walks on water.


If we are going to be people who live by faith and have a total reliance on God we must continue to put ourselves in situations where we need God to come through more than anything or anyone else.  I read in a devotional recently this idea that we should be comfortable in the discomfort of faithful living.


There are storms in many people's lives and the world around us but we have heard the voice of Jesus calling to us to step out of the boat to walk where no one has walked.


It was Peter's confidence that if Jesus was calling that he could get to him on the water.  As we think about church planting, stepping out of our boat what is known, comfortable and familiar to us in to the unknown to do something new, we come in faith and obedience.


Peter says to Jesus "if it is you call me and I will come."

Do you hear the voice of Jesus calling you?

Do you feel Holy Spirit prompting you?