We would like to invite you to join us as Lead Pastors & a leadership team in 21 days of prayer & fasting from the 3rd - 23rd of January 2022.

As we begin a new year, a new season & a new day in God as a whole church we are going to come together for 21 days of prayer & fasting. We will take time to dedicate and devote the year to God, to invite him once again into our hearts and lives to align our hearts and minds with his will. We will pray for our families, for our community & for our plans for the year.


We will be following what is known as the 'Daniel fast' the idea is taken from the book of Daniel where he cut out all choice food to pray. This includes meat, sugar, alcohol and caffeine. You can exclude other things for you to do more or less to suit. Some may not be able to fast food in this way due to health reasons and we understand.

We will meet to pray through the 21 days in different ways & at different times. There will be prayer focuses for each day to help guide you.

Each day PRAY - You should have received a copy of our daily prayer focuses. If you would like a paper copy we can get one to you or there is a PDF attached with this email. Over the next 21 days, we will take time each day to PRAY. Using the 4 letters of the word pray we will take each one to help guide our prayers.


PEOPLE - We are going to pray for each member of the church by name


RELATIONSHIPS - We will be praying for the person & organisational relationships.


ASK - Each day we will be asking God to move in specific areas & situations.


YOURSELF- Take time each day to draw close to God for yourself.


Join us to pray each day on Instagram LIVE at 12noon for a time of prayer. We will be joined by others who will be sharing & leading us in prayer & you are welcome to participate with us there.


Gathering to pray each Tuesday at 8 pm on zoom. We will have some corporate times of prayer on Tuesday 4th,11th, & 18th  January to join our voices and join our faith.


Guided Prayer - We will be releasing guided prayer resources on our youtube channel each week. These short videos will guide you through a time of prayer. Take some time and space to engage in prayer as you are helped and guided using each session.

Guided Prayer