We would like to invite you to join us as Lead Pastors & a leadership team in 21 days of prayer & fasting from the 10th - 31st of January 2021.

We believe there are 2 reasons for us to fast and pray in 2021




Prayer & fasting has been a key & annual habit for Sarah & I and the churches we have been part of & involved in leading. As we take time & make space to pray & fast that we can align our hearts and lives with the things of God for us personally and as a church family. As you chose to fast, we cut out things that we physically rely or depend on and we trust and reach for closeness with God and learn to rely on him spiritually. So as you fast physically you replace that time, or focus with prayer & drawing close to God.




Prayer & Fasting is something we would love to develop as a regular habit for us as a church in our rhythm of the year but I feel that for us at this time by taking time to pray and fast we can see significant breakthroughs in our lives. With all of the physical, emotional & spiritual challenges happening in the world right now taking this time to put God front & first in our hearts and minds I believe we can see breakthroughs in mental health, in families, marriages & relationships, we can see a transformation in people health and wellbeing, we can see Gods favour open doors and opportunities for us individually & as a church.