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In 2023 The Pastures Church is planning to relaunch with a new name and refreshed vision & mission for church planting in the UK and Europe.

Our lead pastors Ant & Sarah have a passion to see churches planted across Europe carrying the Vibe church DNA. The dream is to raise leader who catch our Vibe and can plant and lead church the reach and reflect the community they are in.

The Vision of Vibe Church plant churches that show people good living and a living. Our vibe mission focus is this;

V - Value true connection

I - Invest In Every Generation

B - Build Strong Family 

E - Engage Young People

As we plant churches across Europe we will work with local leaders to plant fresh and relevant expression of our Vibe churches in each city, region and nation

Over the next 6 months we are going to commit to do three things as we prepare to relaunch as VIBE Church. 




We will commit to pray specifically and consistently for countries and cities in Europe we feel drawn too.

Our focus will be to develop and invest in leaders of at levels. Training leaders for growth & multiplication.

Our focus will be to develop and invest in leaders of at levels.

Prayer Profiles

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